New Website Launch!

The Athens Real Estate Company has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies that benefit our clients.  Ours was the first area company to include dedicated digital FAX services for each individual agent, the first larger company to join, the first to adopt Docusign digital signature services, the first company to provide a dedicated, cloud-based transaction platform to all of its agents and clients, the first to provide web-based property management software that allows tenant and owners just-in time access to critical information about properties, leases and payments.  Ours is also the company that, even in its infancy, built a new custom-designed, energy-efficient building to serve its growing roster of agents and clients.  We even included a coffee shop!

There are lots of other firsts that we are proud of as well, from the free moving truck that we lend to clients to our status as the top-selling real estate company in southeast Ohio.  And today brings a new first, the launch of our fully redesigned, custom-built website. This is the fourth iteration of our website in 10 years but this time we built it from the inside out and from the bottom up.  It’s not just the look that’s new–crisper, cleaner, and more contemporary–it’s the functionality that’s exponentially better.  There’s more horsepower under the hood here than meets the eye, so if you are considering selling your house, you’ll want to interview one of our agents to learn how our website is optimized to out-perform our competitors and bring more buyers to your door.

And speaking of buyers!  If you are looking for a one-stop real estate shop that’s as robust as Zillow but without those pesky “zestimates” and long irksome lists of agents who pay to appear next to listings, then you’ve come to the right website.  Our new site is monitored and managed by folks right here in our office, by agents and staff who live and work in this area and who are responsive to buyer inquiries. Our site is specifically designed with buyers in mind: it’s mobile friendly, has comprehensive search and sort capacities, employs sophisticated mapping technologies, and allows users to save and edit their own custom searches.

What’s not to love?

So welcome home to The Athens Real Estate Company.  Our home is your home and we trust you enjoy your stay.  Bookmark us,  like us on Facebook, share with your friends and family and help us spread the word.  And finally, new being new, if you have questions or notice things that are not working optimally, then please feel free to shoot me a personal email at and we’ll work to address it right away.

Happy housing,

Russell Chamberlain, broker/owner