Hubcaps & Trash

Agents and staff from The Athens Real Estate Company collected roadside litter along a stretch of highway just outside of town yesterday. We’re part of the “Adopt-A-Highway” program sponsored by the Ohio Division of Transportation and we picked up 15 bags of trash and recycling on our first outing and will head back out in the next couple of weeks to pick up more.

 It was a fulfilling day.

Nice weather, good people, and a sense of satisfaction to look back and see several miles of highway better than we found it!

As one might expect we found lots of odd and miscellaneous pieces of trash–the flotsam and jetsom of our automotive age.  Not surprisingly, we found lots of car parts too: chunks of fenders, taillights, a door handle, a tire and–predictably enough–a hubcap. When broker Russell Chamberlain saw the hubcap, he noticed that it looked a lot like the missing hubcap from our 17′ box truck, a free moving truck that we lend out to clients when they move. When we got back to the office at the end of the day we tried the hubcap on for size, and of all things, it fit like Cinderella’s shoe. It was the missing hubcap after all, now re-established to it rightful place after years “gone missing.”

We found several socks as well on Thursday, but none that matched. If by any chance you find that you are missing the match to a pair of socks in your dryer this week, you might try giving our office a call. We may be able to help you.

Or we could match you up with the house of your dreams. We specialize in that!