Kim Adler

Kim Adler

Phone: 740-589-4600
Cell: 740-591-7801

Ohio Born and Raised

I grew up in Northern Ohio, along the Lake Erie region.  I learned so much from my entrepreneurial parents, who ran our family business. After high school, I attended Ohio University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services.

Athens Can Pull You in and Keep You.

I fell in love with Athens and Southeast Ohio and I knew I wanted to stay in the area.  The beautiful landscape, the incredible people, the sense of community all kept me here. I earned my optician’s license and worked as a Vision Therapist for some amazing optometrists in Athens. I enjoyed researching and solving problems to help others.  It was in this position I realized how much I loved helping people.

Family Life

After college, I met and married my husband, Scott, a native of Nelsonville.  We have a daughter, Saylah age 13 who is home-schooled; along with two dogs and a crazy cat. We foster dogs when the opportunity arises (I love to help them find homes too). I enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as our home-school community.

I Found my Passion in Real Estate

During the time I bought my first “project home” in Athens, I always loved looking at real estate; and through this project, I realized there is so much more to being a real estate agent. I discovered the real estate business could be a good fit for me and I could help others find their next project or dream home.

In June of 2018, I earned my real estate license and joined The Lee/Maule team as Ally Rapp Lee’s assistant.  I love helping people find what they are looking for or to discover what it is they want. I also love the thrill of the search for a home or property to fit their dreams.


Do you know what you want to look for? I would love to help you find your next home or project!