Jeanette Ammon

Jeanette Ammon

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Hello, I’m Jeanette!

I was born into a large family in Portland, Oregon—a family who moved via a 70’s station wagon cross country to the Greater Philadelphia area. We actually moved a lot throughout my childhood and the trend continued as an adult: I moved a total of 29 times before finally settling down in Athens County, after living deep in the countryside of West Virginia and other states. As a child, I loved exploring all the different homes we lived in, racing around that first day to discover all the unique characteristics—a hidden staircase, perhaps, or a cellar door, servant’s quarters, a sun or sewing room, a special garden. These early experiences not only spurred my interest in travel and architecture, they also led me to want to help others discover their true path in life, which for many includes finding a home where they might feel settled and grounded.

Love of Athens

Here’s a Unique burgeoning Arts, Education, Food, Technology, Community and Family oriented Oasis, filled with history, natural beauty, creativity, entrepreneurial opportunities and down home comforts.

As with our world famous Farmers Market offering wide variety in its bounty, whether you are a professional seeking luxury and conveniences or the homesteader type out to find the perfect piece of land to spread roots, you will find it here in the Athens Area at generally competitive prices. City or country, Up sizing or downsizing I will help you find your fit, Conventional or alternative construction, Move in ready or a home a DIYer or dreamer could retrofit to their desires and needs. Just let me know what you seek.


I almost pursued my real estate certification a long time ago, but my path instead led me to build my first career in Massage Therapy. I am glad I could first develop my service orientation, slow down to patiently discern the necessary approach, gain confidence, apply troubleshooting skills, gain a business sense and realize the satisfaction of helping and giving for the greater good. When relaxed, people can make better decisions.

To earn my massage license, I worked 3 part-time jobs, attended school full time, all the while working as a single mom homeschooling my two children. Believe me: I know what it means to work hard to achieve goals and the value of each dollar earned, saved and invested. With perseverance and single mindedness the rewards are bound to be great! For over 20 years I have provided massage therapy to my clients, offering heartfelt concern and focusing on the unique needs of each individual as they come to me.

Interestingly, I’ve discovered that the two professions actually have quite a lot in common: both require that I listen carefully to what my clients say, and that I ask thoughtful questions, assess needs, and then craft a plan to help them achieve their goals. My primary aim in real estate is to ease my clients’ transitions and bring peace of mind to their buying and/or selling experience. After over 4 years and selling dozens of properties, my primary aim in real estate is still to ease my clients' transactions and bring peace of mind to their buying and/or selling experience.


I have a passion for holistic beauty and efficiency and know the added satisfaction of doing a job or setting up a household to be clean and green having had lived off the grid for 20+ years. Sometimes it’s the individual small steps we do that can save us time or money in the long run, bigger steps creating even larger an impact. Buying or selling a home is a perfect time to make changes that can increase value, add beauty, enhance efficiency, and create the technologically advanced living situation you’ve desired for so long. Please talk to me about your energy efficiency goals and steps— large or small—and I will share what I know or offer referrals. I even have incentives for the asking to encourage you towards your goal which can put you on the cutting edge while investing in money saving features for generations to come.

Spare Time

DIY home maintenance and construction design, organic gardening, my love of nature, yoga and having raised my children into successful, happy adults are a few examples of my down-to-earth practical nature and perspective. In my spare time you might see me out biking, swimming or walking on warm days, dining or dancing at a local venue or festival if I’m not out at a friend or neighbor’s place, lending a hand or busy supporting a cause. Ride by in the spring and you might see me out gardening, writing, day dreaming (I mean contemplating) or hear music or power tools where I will greet you with a smile!


To me home means a place for Inner and Outer sanctuary, Comfort, Convenience, Security, Investment and Sharing. Allow me to help you find or sell your Home!

Catherine Cutcher, Ph.D. | Assistant Director for Global Studies Programs Ohio University
“Jeanette has over twenty years of experience in living off the grid and has many skills in self-reliance and the healing arts. Her massage skills are exceptional and she carries this vibe of relaxation, peace and radiant good health into all her endeavors. She deeply listens to people and has excellent insight and intuition. Her generosity, clarity and honesty are truly refreshing. I know that she will carry this calm spirit and good judgment into her career as a real estate agent, and will help her clients to find the right places to call home.”
Nancy J. Stevens | Professor, Ohio University
“Jeanette has a calm, pleasant manner and communicates well with others because she listens to what is important to them. She is motivated, highly knowledgeable, and remarkably insightful about how people are influenced by their environments.”